The activities of the group of companies "HEIGHT-M"

Rent and technical operation of hoisting equipment 

Group of companies "Height-M" Ltd. for many years occupied a leading position in the rental market of lifting equipment. We have not only a huge manufacturing base, which is located in Moscow and in the Volgograd region, but also a vast experience in this field. The company offers a wide range of lifting equipment and a wide geographic scope of their activities as well as in Central and Southern Federal District.

The core business is:

The company has its own fleet of lifting equipment:

Park crane our company is about 75 units. Almost all of them are equipped with instrumentation control systems work zones, allowing them to operate in cramped conditions.

Also available is always a cargo transport, technological special trailers for oversize loads, the necessary spare parts and assemblies.

All work on the operation of lifting equipment are performed by highly qualified staff the company, maintenance is carried out mobile teams, repair is carried out at a specialized production base of our company, located in the Volga Volgograd region.


The group of companies includes a design bureau with extensive experience in the development of:

Group of companies "HEIGHT-M" Ltd. is today a strong position in the Russian construction market.

Rental of construction equipment


One of the activities of the company is leasing of construction equipment. We have excavators Komatsu, bulldozers, concrete on the basis of Mercedes with a boom of 38 meters and serve more than 100 cubic meters of concrete per hour.

Rental of construction equipment or any other cars done on mutually agreed terms. Moreover, the rental of special equipment is carried out together with the provision of skilled manpower. Are you interested in construction equipment, lift equipment, rental of an excavator or bulldozer, we guarantee you the highest quality of service. Our experts will provide you with any assistance (advice, technical, etc.) that will allow you to use the technique with greater efficiency.

We lease special equipment for the following work:

Regional transport and transport of oversized and outsized cargo


Regional transportation.

To date, the most popular services - a regional transportation. Our company carries out transportation of goods between cities and towns of the Russian Federation.

The list of services provided by regional traffic includes: documentation of the work on the carriage of goods between the cities of Russia is based on the Agreement between our company and the client company. Feed truck is based on an agreed schedule transportation, or one-off applications for shipping. All transportation officially recognized in the accounting records and are the basis to justify the increased costs the client. For each transportation is made ??a full set of documents which provide the customer and is the basis for the services of the company.

Technical and traffic control. All submitted trucks are checked for technical suitability for the flight, the availability of required authorizations, permits, compliance with sanitary and environmental requirements.


Transportation of oversized and outsized cargo.

The list of services offered there are specific transport services as the transport of outsize cargo transport modes. Special loaders (such as LOWBED, JUMBO, telescopic) w / e platform.

Range of services for transportation of oversized and dangerous goods include:

Our company provides transportation by motor transport of oversized cargo, such as equipment, machinery, pipes, bulldozers, generators, turbines, etc.

For the transport of dangerous goods vehicles with necessary equipment. Attracted by the carriers have licenses for the transport of dangerous goods, drivers of motor vehicles to have the appropriate clearance.

For the full liability of the transport company, we will make delivery of outsize cargo client only in the full complex of works.

Our company is exactly at the stipulated time will deliver your goods directly to the building or production facility, the premises specified in the delivery address.

Deliver in time and gently!