About Us

  HEIGHT-M Ltd is one of the lidiruyushih company renting and selling cranes in Russia. Regularly updated fleet of modern means of mechanization of construction allows us to fulfill orders of any complexity.

   If you need a rental cranes in Moscow or the Moscow region, you're on your way! Group of Companies "ArendaKran" has an extensive fleet of quality machinery, which includes more than 80 units of various types of lifting devices. Rental of cranes in the Moscow region and Moscow suggests contracts for use of special equipment of our businesses within any time limit. By contacting us you will receive not only high-quality lifting equipment for construction problems, but also skilled workers, which, operating machinery, will ensure the safety and proper lifting the quality of work.

   Our customers include more than 60 large and not very construction companies in Moscow and Moscow region.

Rental of cranes in Moscow and Moscow region: the benefits of the company "HEIGHT-M".

   From the beginning, we have formed the main goal - long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. Based on the goal, and identified the main task - meeting the needs of the customer in full and the most efficient and effective solution to technical problems.


If you are interested in renting cranes in the Moscow region and Moscow, you can make yourself and apply to us because:

  1. We provide a comprehensive service which includes:
  • Selection of the lifting mechanisms;
  • Development of BPD;
  • Installation of lifting mechanisms;
  • Comprehensive maintenance of equipment;
  • Preparation of start-up, registration required for this document;
  • Matching commissioning provided us with technology Rostekhnadzor.

            2.  We lease the taps in Moscow and the regions of different types (tower, crawler, cranes), makes and models.

            3.  We offer the best prices.

In addition, we have:

  • Always strictly honor their contractual obligations;
  • Constantly working to improve the quality of rental hoisting construction equipment;
  • We provide safety requirements;
  • We pay great attention to staff development and training of personnel, maintenance specials.

The company "HEIGHT-M" - a reliable partner for hoisting works!